Friday, March 28, 2014

22 March 2014: Salmon Release Cancelled!

            I was so sad because we were going to go the Salmon Release today but it was cancelled due to the snow storm the night before. I organized this event with the Japanese people for the Frontline and people in the hospital. Many hours were spent on contacting people, putting together a power point, ect. Life can be so unexpected. Even though I did not expect anyone to show up at the rendez-vous point I went there to make sure the word was passed on. Only one person showed up and I delivered the bad news.
            I asked Jake if he wanted to go to a cycling class at the gym and he agreed to go. We met inside and did the hour long excersize (it was a challenge!). After that I went to the Arts and Crafts center to work on pottery. Art is theraputic to me in any form (pottery, paiting, drawing). Ever since I've arrived in Misawa I have been neglecting art and I almost forgot how enjoyable it is.
            Panchana and Lara picked Jake and I up after I finished. We drove to Hachinohe and stopped at McDonalds to drink a small drink. Panchana's friend Bryce joined us at the pet shop down the road. All the dogs and cats on display were adorable! The only downside is that buying pets in Japan is a huge expense (most dogs and cats are over $1,000). As an Airman in the dorms I am not allowed to have pets; besides the commen gold fish or turtle. Once we were done admiring the animals our group walked into the Hachinohe mall. We visited Deihso (a popular 1 yen store), the indoor amusement park, arcade, and other shops. Sunlight was running out so we hit up the thrift shop by Sega World (a popular arcade area). The whole reason we all went to Hachinohe was to find Bryce a piano. Turns out the prices were a bit too spendy for what Bryce was looking for. We left and stopped at a Modern chinese noodle restaurant.
            The food in the Shanghai Ryu was amazingly delicious and the prices excellent. We sat on the mats, ate our huge portions, and enjoyed each others company. By far, this place had the best food I've tasted since I've come to Japan. With our stomachs full we went back home.

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