Saturday, March 29, 2014

28 Feb 2014: Frontline

            Today was the day. I practiced my speech all morning for the Frontline Precidency position. Maj Laco (flight chief nurse in the MSU) listened to my speech and helped me practice. After a few hours she let me leave the floor to go to the meeting upstairs inside the Rose room. Not many people were present around the long mahogany table. The meeting began and the candidates made themselves known. 2 people were running for each position (president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer). Previously, I spoke with Captain Zozo about running for Presidency, yet I was not confident. All my co-workers encouraged me and told me not to be afraid (leaders cannot be weak). At the moment I still wanted to make sure that I would secure a position, hence I ran for each position. Everyone had to give a speech as to why they should be chosen. Since I opted for each spot I gave 4 speeches. My first speech was serious and well planned. For the rest it was quite comical and relaxed because I did not prepare ahead of time. My planned speech is written below as a reminder of my goals because I got the Presidency position! Disbelief and excitment overcame me. Never before had I held responsibility as such. The Vice President, A1C Mason Hart from systems, had the idea of walking around and introducing ourselves to everyone in the hospital as the Frontline officers. A1C Samuel Crittenden (treasurer) and SrA Abigail Blount (secretary), and I trailed behind A1C Hart as we lead us to all the offices of important people. The hospital is somewhat of a maze to me. Working in the basement prevents me from exploring upstairs and I was turned around by the end of our entourage. Once everything calmed down I went back downstairs to work. After thinking a bit I actually didn't know much about the Frontline and what the duties as a president were. It wasn't until much later until SrA Wagle, the previous Frontline president, explained it as an organization that gets airman involved with leadership through activities, volunteer work, and fundraisers. Frontline focuses on ranks E-5 and below. Last year the organization lead camping trips, eating contests, luncheons, ect. The secretary keeps connections with everyone in the hospital and the treasurer tracks our money situation. The Vice President is supposed to aid the President when needed. For sure I knew this was the beginning of good things and I was ready to make a difference.

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