Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday 12 March 2014: Frustrated

            Being the President of the Frontline was more challenging that I could have imagined. Leading people was new to me and my committee were not the kind that wanted to be lead...I would ask A1C Hart to help me. I needed Harts help on simple things like reviewing a power point or sending an e-mail ect. Everytime he responded with a cold approach and a resistive attitude. He actually said once that his role was to simply take my place in my absence. It was left for me to assume his actions did not reflect the title he now held. As for SrA Blount she was in the same boat. I would ask her to send an e-mail and she would only do it if I asked her a million times. She was not condescending like Hart, but she wouldn't help! A1C Crittenden has my back (I know this for sure), but the bulk of the work I need done applies to the other two in our committee. Seems like I was running a one man show. My thoughts keep going to re-election and giving the positions to people who actually want to make an effort, however, I am forgiving. Hopefully, the two will clean up their act before the Frontline falls.

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